“Eduardo’s been giving me my first personal trainer experience. It’s awesome! I’m learning how to work out properly and specifically for what I want to work on. He’s really nice, receptive, and knows a ton about specific things I need to do to. In a surprisingly short amount of time I can see and feel a change in my body. YAY!!”
— Erica L

“I have been working with Eduardo at building my general fitness, strength, and flexibility levels. He has been very thoughtful in assessing my base fitness level, developing a plan to help me reach my goals, and thoughtfully guiding me through that plan. Eduardo has been a huge help in improving within each goal that I have had!”
— John H

“I’ve been training with Eduardo since March 2016 with the purpose of getting stronger on rock walls. That has certainly happened – Eduardo’s training sessions have a great focus on the core as a foundation for all other movement. The sets he puts together for my training have pushed me to build more power and explosivity in my climbing movements. He’s also been incredibly mindful towards old/recurring injuries that I have. Any training that involves my shoulder incorporates both caution and the strengthening of surrounding muscles to prevent reinjury. Since starting, I’ve been able to more comfortably work on problems in the cave. Thanks Eduardo!”
— Camille A

“Edurado is a great trainer. I look forward to the workouts I have with him since he knows how to empower me to go harder and get stronger. The training he provides is clearly well thought out. If you’re looking for a competent trainer that knows how to design workouts that are above and beyond check out Eduardo. Just know that he gets busy, so I’d book earlier in advanced if possible.”
— Dan Z

“Eduardo is the fucking champion. He should be training celebrities like Rhianna and Lebron James instead of skinny dweebs like me. He’s professional, develops a strong rapport and communicates clearly, precisely, and with studied research. My progress, and mental confidence, have overlapped to my life outside of BKB as well. I feel the difference each week on the BKB walls and in my personal life. Eduardo is the fucking dood.”
— Ted I

“I have been training with Eduardo for the last 3 months. He is focused on helping me achieve my goals and I am seeing the results start to happen. He has a positive attitude and I look forward to our sessions. Highly recommended.”
— Alden A

“I have been training with Eduardo for 3 months, 8-12 times per month. My all around fitness has improved and the 60 minute training sessions are money well spent. The workouts are varied, functional and challenging. Eduardo is also guiding me toward making better food choices in my life.”
— Jonathan G

The fact that I’m continually, and successfully, building on my goal to become stronger has reassured me that working with Eduardo is one the best decisions I have made in recent memory. Highly recommend him.
— Nina O