My Story

When I started personal training 5 years ago, I knew right away that I wanted to be a different kind of trainer. Having experienced various gym cultures, I didn’t want to be involved in the current trend. My background, interests, and personality is different. I have studied calisthenics and wrestling my entire life and have dedicated myself to learning the balance of Strength and Flexibility. Weights and Bodyweight. Power and Control. So that I can offer the best tools for my CLIENTS’ goals and needs. I also wanted to create a positive experience for my clients and ditch the drill sergeant approach. I work with my clients lifestyle so that they can enjoy the activities they love to do.


Core Values

Core Values: 

1. Safety - Developing appropriate strength and technique

2. Grace - Make your technique graceful

2. Enjoyment - Creating a fun and positive atmosphere

4. Inclusivity - Welcome you at your level and ability

5. Self Kindness - Not dwelling on the past and focusing on the future

6. Body Aware - Knowing your limits

7. Diligence - Applying careful and persistent effort


About Me

My mission is the help people discover their physical autonomy through health, fitness, and enjoyment. I want to encourage my clients to discover activities that they enjoy and use training as a supplement to their lifestyle. On my free time you can find me flipping around, climbing walls, or balancing on my hands - mostly on insagram because the majority of the time I work out at home!

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