My Story

When I started personal training 5 years ago, I knew right away that I wanted to be a different kind of trainer. Having experienced various gym cultures, I didn’t want to be involved in the current trend. My background, interests, and personality are different and so I approach fitness differently. I have studied calisthenics and wrestling my entire life and have dedicated myself to learning the balance of strength and flexibility, weights and bodyweight, power and control, so that I can offer the best tools for my CLIENTS’ goals and needs. I also wanted to create a positive experience for my clients and ditch the drill sergeant approach. I work with my clients personalities and lifestyle so that they can enjoy the activities they love to do.


Core Values

Core Values: 

1. Safety - Developing appropriate strength and technique

2. Grace - Make your technique graceful

2. Enjoyment - Creating a fun and positive atmosphere

4. Inclusivity - Welcome you at your level and ability

5. Self Kindness - Not dwelling on the past and focusing on the future

6. Body Awareness - Knowing your space and limits

7. Diligence - Applying careful, consistent, and persistent effort


About Me

I help recreational athletes develop ALL AROUND strength and mobility so that they can experience more physical freedom and prevent injury. In my free time you can find me flipping around, climbing walls, or balancing on my hands - and now I’m learning new skills and pickle ball!

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