Training with me allows you the freedom to choose when and where you would like to workout.  Access your workouts anytime, anywhere.  Track stats and follow workouts with instructional videos right on your smartphone.  With a combination of Online Training and In-Person Training, you are provided with training packages to fit your lifestyle. 

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online training 

  1. Initial Skype Consultation to discuss goals and needs 
  2. Receive personalized workouts through the Trainerize app - take the guesswork out of training on your own
  3. Videos with detailed instruction, reps and sets
  4. Trainer accountability, feedback, video reviews, and progress checks
  5. Log workouts through your phone and workout when it's covenient for you! 



  1. Lesson plans, new habits, and progress checks
  2. Personal overview with summary of goals, activity levels, expectations, and recommended intake.
  3. Custom portion control guide, unique to you, using easy to follow guidelines.
  4. Workout nutrition guide, unique to you, based on exercise preferences and goals.
  5. Grocery shopping and meal prep guide, again, unique to you
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Workshops - $15-$65

In-Person Training - $65-$75

In-Person Training/Workshops

Train with me In-Person at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago. 

  1. Improve ease of movement and body control that carries over into sport and life
  2. Gains in flexibility that outstrip months of dedicated stretching
  3. Lay a physical foundation for proper physical development and skills such as gymnastics rings, parallettes, and floor skills.
  4. Receive on the spot feedback, motivation, and support.  
  5. Exclusive amenities at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago including; weight room, rock climbing, rock climbing gear, locker rooms, showers, office space, and free wifi.