Access your workouts anytime, anywhere.  With personal training, online training, or a hybrid of the two, you are provided with training packages to fit your lifestyle.  My fitness records update your progress to keep each other accountable by connecting you with me using the Trainerize app.  This is exactly the structure that gets people results and additional accountability.  Also, when it comes to my training: 

  • You get custom designed programs, specific to you
  • You can go at your own pace, you don't have to be a superstar everyday 
  • You can continually improve with the progressions and modifications provided 
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In Person

  1. Initial and continual assessments every 5 weeks 
  2. Receive on the spot feedback, motivation, and support 
  3. Schedule a time with me as your trainer to develop your health and fitness goals 
  4. Use more variety of equipment such as gymnastic rings, TRX, parallettes, kettlebells, bands, and turf
  5. Meet me at the gym, or choose a more convenient location of your choice in the city! 

*Transportation fee = $10 for home training in Chicago neighborhoods 

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Online and MObile 

  1. Initial phone call or Skype consultation to discuss your specific health and fitness goals
  2. Receive personalized workouts through the Trainerize app - take the guesswork out of training on your own
  3. Videos are detailed with individual instruction, reps and sets
  4. Trainer accountability, feedback, video reviews, and progress checks
  5. Log workouts, track personal stats, and record progress through your phone
  6.  Workout when it's convenient for you! 
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Hybrid in person and online

  1. Combine in person training and online training
  2. Receive one on one attention and homework to do on your own
  3. You get custom designed programs, specific to you
  4. Weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly in person check ups 
  5. Receive all the benefits of in person training and online training!